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Jack-up Gusto MSC CJ-46 X100D

The development of the CJ series Jack-ups from Gusto MSC was started in 1977, and CJ46 X100D is the latest enhancement for units drilling to a depth of 375 feet.
It is a powerful and efficient drilling rig including the patented X-Y cantilever technology that enables the rig to maximize the hook load capacity anywhere in the 20′ x 70′ drilling envelope. As production wells are getting longer with deviation drilling to increase the depletion of oil reservoirs, this is a valuable feature to make the rig flexible when working at several wellheads on a template.
The rig has been ordered with a complete drilling package from NOV including a knuckle boom pipe handling crane and fully automated pipe handling.

Our core business is project management and site management for new buildings, project evaluation and technical assistance for offshore related new buildings and conversions.
Project references include semi submersible drilling rigs, jackup drilling rigs, drilling tender barges, accomodation/construction units, DP offshore vessels, survey vessels, research vessels, seismic 3D/2D/Source vessels, ice breakers, backhoe dredgers, suction/cutter dredgers, barges, tugs, buoy tenders, pilot boats etc.
We have a strong network in Asia reaching out from our hub in Singapore, and are able to offer our services with a mix of specialist expatriates and qualified local personnel.
Our site teams are normally multi national with both local and expatriates to ensure adequate technical expertise, good communication at site, effective co-operation with the yard and acceptable cost for the owner.
We strive to assist the yard in doing the work correct the first time, and further help them develop their reports, procedures and planning so that it is of a standard acceptable to the client.